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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Pirkei Avos [Ethics of the Fathers] Chapter 3 - פרקי אבות - פרק ג

To listen to Chapter 3 of Pirkei Avos:

Rabbi Grossman's Mishnayis Shiurim

Pirkei Avos Chapters 3:
To Listen: Chapter 3 in MP3
Lecture is approx. 63 Minutes

With the Me'Am Loez Commentary - Pirkei Avos - Ethics of Our Fathers (Rabbi Zalman Manela):

Pirke_Avot_6.mp3 - 3rd Chapter begins at approx. 27 Minutes from the beginninng of the file - Mishnas 1-6

Pirke_Avot_7.mp3 - Mishnas 7-16

Click here to see Chapter 3 in English

Link here for sources for Chapter 2 of Ethics of the Fathers



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