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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Channel 4: Channeling Our Strengths on Pesach

Channel 4: Channeling Our Strengths on Pesach" by Rabbi Abba Wagensberg

A discription of this class as found on Aish Audio:

A person's body, spirit, intellect and emotions are four components that express the diverse drives within each of us. There also happens to be a number of themes in the Hagaddah also grouped by fours - like the four questions, the four cups of wine, the four sons, etc. These groupings parallel the intrinsic conflicts within us that continuously search for resolution and harmony. Rabbi Wagensberg tracks these themes and concludes this talk with how they will suddenly fuse together to bring about our final geula (redemption).

To listen with Windows Media Player click here.

The length of this class is approximately 92 Minutes.

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  • I have enjoyed the shiurim april 5th 6th evening USA time over there. The speaker for tonight April 6th about the cups at the seder and relating the attributes and final Geulah.

    This speaker is very DYNAMIC and begs for our attention thus forcing us to lend an ear.

    By Anonymous Kobican2003, at 4/06/2006 10:51 PM  

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