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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

The Strange Customs of Seder Night

"The Strange Customs of Seder Night" by Rabbi Ari Kahn - is taken from Aish Hatorah's Audio Website.

The description to this class is:

Why do we invite 'those who are hungry to come and eat' - in the middle of the seder? Why do we wash our hands during the seder - without reciting the customary blessing? And how can we be commanded to feel as though we personally left Egypt in a comfortable home instead of marching into the desert? Join Rabbi Kahn for answers to these and many other questions about the strange and unusual nature of the Seder night. A light and humorous talk with a lot of ideas for keeping the 'kids' awake and involved.

This is a very interesting class as Rabbi Kahn takes the "Strange Customs" and helps us to understand them.

To listen with Windows Media Player click here.

The length of this class is approximately 41 Minutes.

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